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Going Through a High Asset Divorce is Tough:

Your relationship with your ex-spouse may not be reconcilable, but you want to maintain your relationships with your kids and friends and protect your reputation and your assets. That’s a lot to think about. David knows- he’s been there.

The good news is an experienced divorce lawyer can make all the difference for your emotional well being and your financial outcome.

Work with a Kansas City Divorce Lawyer Experienced in High Asset Divorces:

For nearly 30 years, David R. Smith has been helping high-net-worth individuals going through divorces. His bachelor’s degree in business, experience owning a medical business, and nearly 30 years of working with forensic accountants and business appraisers gives him the ability to find the hidden value in closely held family businesses.

Together, you and David can create the best plan for managing your divorce. If you need to protect your assets from your ex-spouse, David knows how to help you achieve that goal. Conversely, if your spouse is trying to keep assets from you to which you have a legal right, he can use the law to help you enforce your rights. He can also help you build a case to ensure your relationships with your kids and others remain as strong as possible.

You Need a Kansas City Divorce Attorney That You Can Trust:

Throughout the entire divorce process, David knows that you need an attorney you can trust and that your reputation in Kansas City is on the line. For those reasons, David will always go the extra mile to protect the confidentiality of your situation and help you manage your reputation with others.

Key Services

  • Alimony Advice
  • Asset Protection
  • Child Support
  • Divorce Advice
  • Divorce Forms
  • Divorce Pleadings
  • Parenting Plans
  • Reputation Management

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David R. Smith

If You are Going Through a High Asset Divorce in Kansas City, You Need Help.

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